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Better Off Working Calculator

Join Today! Registered users have acccess to a much wider range of services and tools. Register today! We believe that most individuals are better off working, and this calculator will help you understand how your income may improve once you are employed.

1 Your income
Family status
Single parent
Support income
Income support
Family member
To compare please enter your current monthly income.
$ monthly income
2 Potential employment income
Let's compare the numbers above to what you might earn in the workforce. Estimate the hours you might be able to work and the wage you might earn.
$ per hour X
hours per week =
per month
3 Results
Employment Income
Gross Monthly
→ Income Tax*
→ EI
Net Monthly Income
Other Monthly Income
Other Income
Net Amount
You are better off working by approximately
*Please Note: These calculations are for demonstration purposes only, exact amounts may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is recommended that you verify your particular situation with your financial benefits worker.
Registered users have access to a much wider range of services and tools. Register today!