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Employees may accommodate employers health conditions more than the other way around

By Viable Created on Fri Jul 22, 2016

A recent Globe and Mail article highlighted a study that revealed entrepreneurs are more likely to experience mental health concerns than the general public.

The study, by Morneau Shepell, found that mental health conditions are reported by 72% of entrepreneurs vs. just 7% of the general public.

Employees who work for entrepreneurs must accommodate entrepreneurs’ health conditions and find ways to work with or around them.

Accommodation of disabilities is critical to an inclusive and more productive workplace (see our previous Viablog entry “Making it Work.”) But often the corner office is the last hurdle in getting accommodation approved, and HR departments often report difficulties in getting ‘buy-in’ from senior management. People may also be hesitant to disclose to co-workers or to approach ‘the boss’ about sensitive issues.

The revelation that business leaders may be more likely to experience mental health issues should serve to help promote disclosure of disabilities in the workforce. After all, entrepreneurs more than anyone want their people to be equipped to do the best possible job and achieve their full potential.

View the Globe and Mail article here: