Recruiting and Retaining Persons with Disabilities

One important goal for all Effective Strategy Forums is to demonstrate that hiring persons with a disability simply makes good business sense because by including disability in diversity hiring practices, employers have a wider pool of candidates to engage. Effective Strategy Forum participants shared best practices learned in recruiting and retaining persons with disabilities: 

  • When looking at alternate sources of labour, it is important that the entire corporate body understands the value and importance in hiring persons with disabilities.

  • Utilize a service provider when employing persons with disabilities. They are cost efficient as they save time in recruitment and job training costs; service providers are “experts” in working with persons with disabilities.

  • Working with service providers could better help employers find the right match between the employee and the required job.  Panellists stated that this was the most important factor for a successful placement. Furthermore, emphasis was placed on the need for service providers not to overstate a client’s abilities.  

  • When asked to provide examples of when a position didn’t work out and how it was handled, panellists cited poor job match rather than disability.  Parallels were made with positions held by employees without disabilities and the frequency in which they did not work out.  All panellists agreed that performance issues should be addressed through regular channels.