Labour Market

Where will you find the workers to both replace retiring employees and fill new jobs? The WORX can help.

Projected job growth and workers approaching retirement is driving employers to think more proactively about how they will maintain and grow their labour force. With approximately 1 in 7 Albertans having some kind of disability, employers will need to fully engage this largely untapped labour pool to continue to be competitive.

The WORK has compiled the latest labour force demographic data on the retiring workforce and new job growth projections, by industry, for employers to see how the labour force is changing. Who will fill all these jobs? Now is the right time to expand your diversity definition and recruitment strategy to be more accessible to employees with disabilities.

For more information on each industry, go to the Government of Alberta Profiles of Alberta Industries.

Alberta Economic Dashboard

The Government of Alberta has developed the Alberta's Economic Dashboard. Alberta economy's most important indicators for businesses are available in one place. Get a quick snapshot of Alberta's current economic state or explore each indicator in more detail.

To access the dashboard, click the following link:

Alberta Economic Dashboard