About The WORX

The WORX supports both employers and job seekers with disabilities to help them achieve their workforce goals. The WORX commitment is to create direct and lasting connections between job seekers with disabilities, employers and industry. We work with companies to understand the jobs and skill sets they are going to need, and with people with disabilities to prepare them for these areas of demand. Best of all, our services are provided at no cost.

Services for job seekers:

If you're a person with a disability and looking for work, we can support you through your job search and connect you to the workplace. We help a wide range of job seekers, from those who want help with resumes and interviews right through to those
who are looking for direct placement. Our help includes everything from assistive technologies to job market insight, as well as access to fully accessible Employment Resource Centres in our northeast and downtown Calgary locations. 

Services for employers:

The WORX helps dispel myths about people with disabilities. Our customized strategies enable employers to find skilled people and retain them by offering the most relevant supports. We help employers adapt their physical workplaces, their cultures and their HR policies/practices so that a wider range of employees can succeed.

The WORX was created by Prospect Human Services. Prospect helps people who face barriers to employment, including people with disabilities, recent immigrants and military personnel looking to transition to a civilian career. Prospect believes anyone who wants a fulfilling job should have one. We're driven to help people who face barriers because society - all of us - reaps the benefits for years to come.