Overview of The Worx Services

What really makes The Worx different from other employment services is our approach.

  • We provide one stop information and employment services – offline and online.
  • Our services have been designed in consultation with persons with disabilities.
  • We are focused on reducing time to access employment, education and skill training.
  • We use technology to improve accessibility, information delivery and learning.
  • We offer a wide range of assistive technologies.
  • We engage employers and other stakeholders in the delivery of our services.
  • We promote customized employment.
  • We believe that people are usually better off working and have put in place all the employment supports and services our clients need to make that a reality.

You can access the Worx services independently or with individualized assistance if you prefer.

Self-Directed Services

If you prefer to access services independently, you can use our fully accessible Career & Employment Centre that contains a range of career, employment and information resources and assistive technologies.

Directed Services

If you prefer more assistance in managing your career transition, please access our directed services.  Our directed services are for job seekers who would like increased assistance and include career counselling, employability assessments, employment preparation and placement, education/training placement, and retention supports.  Our Service Managers and Employment Coordinators will help connect you to the appropriate service.